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Hi, I'm Wiktor!

I'm a passionate web developer dedicated to perfect, light and modern experiences.

I like to learn new things and explore ways to create and share content online.

Always chasing perfection, never sacrifice on things that are helpful for your users.

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Specta Player

Inspired by actual need of a good audio playing utility on one of school spectacles, Specta Player was designed to help you seamlessy play whatever you need on your show

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Lawnchair is a great launcher for Android but its website was left out when the app received a 2.0 remake. I thought what can we do to make the webiste match the app

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Polsih Independence Day site

A landing website made as part of a school project. Exploring parallax scroll effects, how they can be used on mobile without killing the battery and also back navigation patterns.

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A small tool to help you show paper-dialog and paper-toast elements from Polymer library without hassle.

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